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exact address (ESN 76369 )

The exact address is a numeric range which pinpoints a site, structure, or building within a city's postal numbering grid. Exact addresses define an object's position along all adjoining streets; for example, a building which adjoins three different streets would have three exact address ranges. The numeric range covers all applicable house numbers from one corner of the object or property to the next, regardless of whether each number in the address range is actually assigned to an entrance or used for postal delivery. Exact addresses are divided into three categories: 1. Main address: The exact address range on the side of the property which includes the primary postal address is called the main address. 2. Side address: Exact addresses along any side other than the main address side, which include side entrances with any officially identified house number, are called side addresses. 3. Virtual address: Exact addresses on any side of a property without officially designated house numbers are called virtual addresses. These are assigned the house numbers which would be given to that side of the property following its context within the city's postal numbering grid. The virtual address cannot, of course, overlap existing addresses belonging to neighboring properties; rather it may take its cues from the address range endings on bordering properties.

The house number range of any structure or lot with respect to any adjoining street.