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InterContinental Warszawa

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InterContinental Warszawa
InterContinental Hotel Warsaw, Hotel InterContinental


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
vert clair


hôtel résidence hôtelière


  • The hotel's pedestal was installed as a "hanging house" and added after the main core was erected; this allowed the lobby and reception area to be free of any columns or pillars.
  • Famous guests have included actor Roger Moore and Mexican President Vicente Fox.
  • The lobby's skylight opens up the view underneath the diagonal wall and "leg".
  • The building is topped by a stone "razor blade" whose diagonal plane continues down behind the "leg" into the main lobby.
  • The lobby and conference areas are set around a 5-story atrium with glass elevators.
  • Awarded a Quality Award by Center & Eastern Europe Real Estate in the category for 'Commercial Development of the Year 2003'.
  • The main core above the pillar is topped by a 5.9 meter thick concrete plate, located 73 meters above the ground level, which connects the two separately rising parts together.
  • The 44th and 45th floors house the Riverside Wellness Club with the highest indoor swimming pool in Europe and spectacular views of the city.
  • InterContinental can be divided into three parts: a 5-story pedestal which corresponds in height with nearby housing blocks; then 16 stories cut away behind the pillar; and 24 square floors to the top.
  • The reinforced concrete pillar that gives the tower its unique shape is not merely the whim of the architect - it's a creative response to the planning guidelines, ensuring daylight penetration to the housing block behind the tower.
  • Located on the site of the former "Akwarium" jazz club, built in 1970 and closed in 2000. The club's owner joined the bidding for the plot with a plan to construct a skyscraper housing "Warsaw's Cultural Center".
  • Along with Warsaw Financial Center the InterContinental constitues the new west frontage of Emilii Plater Street. Their similar coloring forms a compositional whole.
  • The maximum possible swing from perpendicular is estimated to be 15.30 centimeters.
  • The structure takes the form of a reinforced concrete monolith. This gives it a massive look, and the windows are smaller than in skyscrapers of steel construction.
  • Surpassing TP S.A. Tower this building has the deepest underground extension in Poland, extending 20.7 meters below ground level.
  • The southern façade is decorated by a stripe which is illuminated at night from the bottom of the tower to the top of the "razor blade". On the other side the stone façade is fully illuminated.
  • The InterContinental Warszawa is the tallest five-star hotel in Europe and the 3rd-tallest hotel on the continent. Only Radisson Royal Hotel and Gran Hotel Bali are taller.
  • All elevations are covered with light-green glass panels except the oblique wall behind the pillar, which is clad in stone making it one of the largest stone planes in Warsaw.
  • The fifth, twenty-third, forty-third, and part of the forty-fifth floor are mechanical.
  • The hotel has more floors above ground than any other building in Poland.
  • The interiors feature a simple and clear modern design suitable for the high-tech era; you will not find any marble floor plates or columns, crystal or gold-plated ornaments.

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Ulica Emilii Plater 49
Ulica Śliska 2
Ulica Emilii Plater 49

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Jestico + Whiles

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