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Dacom Headquarters

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Dacom Headquarters

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  • The Dacom Tower was intended for a prime site in Seoul on the northern edge of the Han River.
  • The design elevated the main lobby to the second floor for better views and increased security.
  • An isolated bank of elevators from the parking garage on the lower basement levels to the main lobby provided secure access.
  • The main elevators to the upper floors of the tower were also located in the main lobby.
  • The first six levels above the lobby housed telecommunications equipment. They were topped with typical office levels and executive office and cafeteria penthouses.
  • Easily accessible from this central location were the auditorium, convenience store, health club and service docks on the first level below grade, and the business center on the next level down.

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Tehran Street, Yeoksam-dong
Seoul Metropolitan City
Corée du Sud

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324,75 ft

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