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Q1 Tower

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Q1 Tower
Olympia Tower, Sunland Tower


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
vert clair
toit fuselé avec flèche


appartements en copropriété


  • Q1 boasts the highest swimming pool in Australia (15m x 6m), located in the penthouse on level 74, 217 meters above ground level.
  • Q1 became the tallest self-supported structure in Australia on completion, surpassing the 274-meter Mount Isa Chimney Stack. On the continent only the guyed masts at Omega Base (Sale, VIC) & Tower Zero (Exmouth,WA) are higher. Q1 is the 16th building on the Gold Coast to hold the "tallest title" since the first highrise in 1957.
  • The oval-shaped spire is one of the world's longest at 93.5 meters. It starts at level 77 (230 meters high) and extends 47 meters above the glass fin.
  • Q1 became the tallest all-residential tower in the world upon completion in 2005. Surpassed by The Torch in Dubai in 2011.
  • The elevators (by KONE Elevators Pty Ltd) are the fastest in Australia, travelling at 9.0 meters per second (1772 ft/min).
  • The stainless steel spire has internal access and tapers from 1.8 m to .8 m in diameter.
  • Q1 Tower has the same number of apartment levels as Eureka Tower with 74.
  • Powerful arc lights illuminate the spire and are visible from 200 kilometers away.
  • The level 60 skygarden holds a 30 meter high rainforest with an outdoor terrace observatory 180 meters above street level.
  • The spire weighs 110 tonnes and was put up in 8 tonne segments during June and July 2005, reaching full height on July 18.
  • Q1 Tower was the world's first all-residential building to exceed 1,000 feet in height.
  • The 74th floor has the highest external balconies in Australia, 217 meters above ground.
  • The building officially opened on October 26, 2005.

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9 Hamilton Avenue
9 Hamilton Avenue
Surfers Paradise
Gold Coast City

Données techniques

1 058,07 ft
1 058,07 ft
803,81 ft
787,40 ft
711,94 ft
771,00 ft
9,84 ft
9,19 ft
oct. 2005
$307 000 000

Entreprises participantes

Sunland Group Ltd.
The Buchan Group

DBI Group

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  • L'immeuble dispose d'un centre d'affaires
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un centre de remise en forme
  • L'immeuble dispose d'une salle d'hospitalité
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un étage d'observation
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un sauna
  • L'immeuble dispose d'une terrasse ensoleillée
  • L'immeuble dispose d'une piscine
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un jardin d'hiver
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