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Millennium Freedom Tower 2000


Millennium Freedom Tower 2000


Structure générale

tour d'observation
jamais construit [annulé]


  • At the 200 foot elevation, visitors would be able to climb aboard a ride that would rise to the 600 foot elevation. The ride, claimed to be the tallest free-fall ride in the world, was expected to significantly boost local tourism.
  • One of the middle-tower ring structures would rotate in a full circle and elevate passengers up to the 700-900 foot range.
  • Announced in 1997, estimated to cost $75-100 million.
  • Pile-driving for the foundation occurred in 1998, but the structure never rose above ground level.

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Block bordered by 4th and 5th Streets between York and Monmouth Steets
États-Unis d'Amérique

Données techniques

1 103,02 ft
1 103,02 ft
1 103,02 ft
1 083,04 ft
1 083,04 ft

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