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Sentech Tower


Sentech Tower
Brixton Tower, Albert Hertzog Tower


Structure générale

tour de télécommunication
construit [achevé]


  • It once housed a restaurant at its base but this was closed in the 1980s and is now used as office space for Sentech, the present owners of the Brixton tower.
  • 1342 tonnes of concrete was used in the foundations along with another 5648 tonnes in the tower.
  • The foundations are two metres deep and 6 metres wide and it has an external diameter at the base of 25 metres.
  • Excavations began on February 1st 1961 and the tower reached its full height on December 7th that same year.
  • Has an observation deck that used to be open to the public but was closed in the 1980s for security reasons.
  • Upon completion, this was the tallest man-made structure in Africa, eventually overtaken by the Hillbrow Tower.
  • When it was first constructed it broadcast microwave signals and today it transmits radio and television broadcasts.
  • The 53 tonne structural steel mast was completed in just three weeks.

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