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Grand Beach Hotel

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Grand Beach Hotel
מלון גרנד ביץ'
Grand Beach Tel Aviv


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
carreau de céramique
noir blanc rouge




  • One of the only Glatt Kosher (the most strict level of Kashrut) hotels in Tel Aviv, which is therefore very popular among Orthodox jews.
  • The hotel has a small open-air swimming pool on the east part of its roof, used by hotel visitors only throughout the spring and summer.
  • First among three high-rise hotels in the city with an open-air, rooftop swimming pool. The others are Carlton Tel Aviv and Isrotel Tower.
  • Dan Hotel, futher south on the promenade, is another building with an artistic facade by Yaakov Agam.
  • The building's facade changes colour from red to black and white as the viewer walks past, a distinctive element of Yaakov Agam's work (one of which can be found at the street level of the Smurfit-Stone Building in Chicago).
  • A synagogue inside the hotel serves the hotel guests.
  • Northernmost high-rise on the The Promenade.
  • First facade to be designed by Yaakov Agam, the world-famous Israeli artist. His latest work of art in Tel Aviv is Ne'eman Towers=Ne'eman Towers].

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7 Nordau Boulevard
250 HaYarkon Street
250 Hayarkon Street, 7 Nordau Boulevard
Northern Centrum
City Center
The Promenade
Tel Aviv
Mehoz Tel-Aviv

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150,92 ft
150,92 ft
150,92 ft

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