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Gan HaYir Tower

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Gan HaYir Tower
City Garden Tower
מגדל גן העיר


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
carreau de céramique
blanc marron


appartements en copropriété


  • Stands on the former site of Tel Aviv Zoo (founded 1934), and Metropolitan Park (Gan HaYir, in Hebrew). Both were demolished in order to make room for the tower and its shopping center.
  • Clad with 5 on 2 centimeters white and brown ceramic tiles. The brown ones are used to emphasize the horizontal rectangular window pattern.
  • Tallest building on Iben Gvirol Street.
  • Built ontop Gan HaYir shopping center, which is an intergral part of the complex.
  • The shopping center below the tower has 12,500 square meters of commerical space.
  • Situated on top of a hill, making its relative height even taller.
  • The top floor is surrounded with large glass windows and a glass ceiling on its western part, allowing the residents to catch views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • There is an indoor swimming pool on the top floor, which is the tallest in the country of its kind.
  • Gan HaYir's logo and the repeating figure of the project is the octagon.
  • Built to the northwest of the Tel Aviv - Yaffo City Hall=City Hall] of Tel Aviv and connected with its podium.

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71 Iben Gvirol Street
71 Iben Gvirol Street with 95 Ben Gurion Boulevard
City Centrum
City Center
Tel Aviv
Mehoz Tel-Aviv

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328,08 ft
328,08 ft
328,08 ft

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  • L'immeuble est connu dans cette ville
  • Un parking public est disponible
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