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Leonardo City Tower Hotel

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Leonardo City Tower Hotel
מלון לאונרדו סיטי טאוור
Ramat Gan City Tower
3 Menachem Begin Street


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
orange foncé
toit pyramidale avec flèche


appartements en copropriété hôtel
commerce(s) restaurant stationnement


  • The parking area has a direct connection to the parking area of Gibor Sport House=Gibor Sport House].
  • Floor space of the convention center is 5,000 m².
  • As from floor 19 and above the building serves for luxurious residential usage.
  • Ground level floor serves for both separated lobbies of the residential section and the hotel, which is also connected to a prestigious mini-mall, accessed from another different entrnace.
  • Under Sheraton instructions there is no 13th floor or rooms with the number 13 in the tower.
  • The pyramidal top houses mechanical equipment.
  • Residents of the 200 luxurious apartments in the tower are able to enjoy every special service as the hotel visitors, including 24h room service, valet parking, room massages, spa and the pool.
  • An Israeli soap opera called 'City Tower', after the name of the building and taking place supposedly in it, used to be shown on local TV.
  • This is the first major 5-star hotel in the city.
  • Won 1st place in a design competition.
  • Modaie Bridge divides between this tower and it's tall neighbour, Gibor Sport House. It cost nearly $8 million to complete and was opened on May 2002.
  • Floors 41-42 are two technical floors.
  • Construction rate was one storey for every five days, without fail.
  • Tallest skyscraper in Ramat Gan from 2000 to 2001; Surpassed by the City Gate Ramat Gan.
  • All of the hotel rooms are connected to the internet.
  • Floors 4 to 18 serve the Sheraton Hotel.
  • There are 167 guest units in the hotel; 1 Smart Presidential Suite, 31 Smart Executive Suites, 69 Smart Rooms and 66 Deluxe Rooms.
  • The carpark covers 11,900 sq.m, with upper residential floors of 16,200 sq.m., and the hotel floors at 18,300 sq.m.

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3 Menachem Begin Street
3 Menachem Begin Street
Ayalon Bank
Ramat Gan
Mehoz Tel-Aviv

Données techniques

557,74 ft
$65 000 000

Entreprises participantes

Ezra Attia EAA

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  • L'immeuble est connu dans cette ville
  • Un parking public est disponible
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