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City Gate Ramat Gan

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City Gate Ramat Gan
מגדל שער העיר רמת גן
מגדל משה אביב
Moshe Aviv Tower, Sha'ar HaYir Ramat Gan, Aviv-Ocif Tower


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
gris bleu


appartements en copropriété bureaux stationnement
commerce(s) services restaurant cabinet médical synagogue


  • The building appeared in a TV advertisment for Israel Lottery on December 2002.
  • The original plan for Israel's tallest tower called for a 199m tower, however, due to high demand for offices and apartments before construction had even begun, the building's height was increased.
  • Holds the title of Highest Occupied Floor in Israel.
  • First tower in Israel to exceed 50 floors.
  • The second official name, Moshe Aviv Tower, is after the tower's developer and owner, the late Moshe Aviv, who had died unexpectedly during the tower's construction.
  • The construction period was extremely short, achieving a sequence of five stories per month with only one shift of 40 workers.
  • Rate of concrete placement per month was 3,000 m³ (105,930 ft³).
  • On a typical floor there are 42 windows.
  • The top 16 stories feature the largest panoramic windows in the tower.
  • One of the platforms inside the core is extremely large and was the biggest platform ever made by PERI GmbH Formwork and Scaffolding (in coordination with their Israeli branch), at the time.
  • Tallest tower in Israel, overtook Azrieli Center Circular Tower.
  • Click here to begin the timeline of Shalom Mayer Tower
  • Click here to begin the timeline of Shimshon Tower
  • Most expensive single tower ever built in the country.
  • Total length of the water pipes inside the tower is 15 km. Cumulative length of the air-conditioning pipes is 40 km.
  • Inspired by the famous Westendstraße 1 in Frankfurt.
  • City Gate Ramat Gan is Aviv and Ocif Companies' flagship project and their most ambitious endeavor to date.
  • Typical floor size within the tower is 1,440 m².
  • A synagogue on the 3rd floor serves the tower's residents, tenants, and others.
  • There are 98 apartments in the tower, sited on the top 11 floors. The highest round floor is a 690 m² penthouse, which is one of the most expensive flats in the country.
  • Total weight of the tower is 160,000 tons.
  • There is an approved plan for a similar tower of the same height, called Elite Residences. It is planned to be built across Jabutinski Road, on the current lot of Elite Factory.
  • The rooftop of the cylinder part serves as a helipad, making it the third skyscraper in Israel (and the first outside Tel Aviv), with a rooftop helipad. The fourth is Matcal Tower.
  • At more than 6 meters a second, the tower's elevators are some of the fastest in the country.
  • Maximum sway at the top of the tower during an earthquake is 40 cm in each direction.
  • A swimming pool and fitness club are situated on the tower's carpark annex roof.
  • First-ever high-rise to mix office and residential usage in Israel.
  • Tallest tower, by number of floors (68), in the Middle East and Europe, at completion.
  • Has the largest car park facility in Israel for a single tower, with 10 parking levels; some are underground, some are overground.
  • Cost of a residential square meter in the tower is US$3,000 on average before required tax.
  • Despite its central location and remarkable height, the top floors are not accessible to the public and do not include an observation floor or a restaurant.
  • On Monday, September 27th, 2004, as part of the annual, global City in Pink lighting campaign for the breast cancer struggle, the building was lit completely in bright pink light. Other buildings in Israel to be lit in previous years, were Shalom Mayer Tower in 2003, and Azrieli Center towers in 2002.
  • Though accessed from the same entrance hall, separated lobbies and elevators serve the office and residential sections.
  • The tower consists of 63,000 m² of office space, 17,000 m² of residential space and 1,200 m² of commercial space.

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7 Ze'ev Jabotinsky Street
2-4 Abba Hillel Silver Street
7 Ze'ev Jabotinsky Street, 2 Abba Hillel Silver Street
Ramat Gan
Mehoz Tel-Aviv

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800,53 ft
800,53 ft
800,53 ft
764,44 ft
166,86 ft
110,24 ft
1 230
$133 000 000

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  • L'immeuble est connu dans cette ville
  • Un portier est présent à l'entrée
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un centre de remise en forme
  • Des projecteurs illuminent l'immeuble pendant la nuit
  • Accessible pour les handicapés
  • L'immeuble dispose d'une hélisurface
  • L'immeuble dispose de pièces de survie
  • Un parking public est disponible
  • L'immeuble dispose d'une piscine
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