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NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi Building

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NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi Building
(Tentative Name) Yoyogi RC Building New Construction Project


Structure générale

construit [achevé]




  • Completed in September 2000, the DoCoMo Yoyogi Building in Tokyo reaches a height of 240 meters and houses base station equipment and switching equipment.
  • Power consumption is conserved through the use of CGS and solar power.
  • Firefighting equipment also incorporates environment-friendly features. None of the fire extinguishers installed in the building contain halogenated chemicals that would contribute to ozone layer destruction; instead, the building employs a nitrogen gas-based firefighting system.
  • Considerations were also made with regard to the surrounding urban landscape by constructing the tower portion of the building to enhance the city skyline.
  • A clock, 15 metres in diameter, was put into operation in November of 2002 to celebrate NTT DoCoMo's 10th anniversary making it the tallest clock tower in the world, surpassing Palace of Culture and Science.
  • The upper portion of the building features coloured lights that indicate whether one should carry an umbrella.
  • A garbage separation system employed within the offices helps to reduce waste and boost the waste recycling rate. Waste water is recycled for reuse and rainwater is used for toilet flushing.
  • Basement 3 floor - basement 1 floor: Parking
  • 1 floor (ground floor) - 14 floor: Office
  • 15 floor - 25 floor: Telecommunication equipment room for mobile / cell phone. The height of the roof of 25 floor is about 110 meters.
  • 26 floor - 27 floor: Passageway, that is made on the perimeter of 25 floor roof. That means we can look down at 25 floor roof from 26-27 floor passageway. We can take elevator to 27 floor. The height of 27 floor passage is about 117 meters.
  • From 25 floor roof (about 110 meters) to the top (239.85 meters) without 26-27 floor perimeter passageway: Hollow structure with steal frame. This building has outer wall from 25 floor roof to the top, but there is no floor / no elevator more than 27 floor. That means if you stand at the center of 25 floor roof, you can look up to the top from the inside (not from the outside).
  • This building features several setbacks. From ground to the rooftop, setback is not featured. The height of the rooftop is 148 meters. From the rooftop, setbacks are featured. The setbacks portion from rooftop (148 meters) to the top (239.85 meters) is installed antennas.
  • From functional / structural viewpoints, the portion from 25 floor roof (about 110 meters) to the top (239.85 meters) is a steal tower with outer wall on rooftop for transmission antenna. The portion from 25 floor (about 110 meters) to rooftop (148 meters) without 26-27 floor perimeter passageway is hollow structure, therefore, the function of steal tower for transmission antenna is above 25 floor roof ( not above the rooftop (148 meters) ).
  • Antenna maintenance staff need to walk up stairs from 27floor (about 117 meters) to the top (239.85 meters), due to no elevator. The staircase has 570 steps from 27 floor to the top.
  • A vertical steal tower with white-red color, like antenna (the length is about 32 meters) stands on the top (239.85 meters), so that the tip of this building is 272 meters. The white-red steal tower is actually crane (to be exact, "derrick") to lift antenna parts, that is not antenna. When the crane is used, the white-red steal leans.
  • Almost all the information in the Internet, the height of the rooftop of this building is 150 meters. However according to the official WEB homepage of Kajima corporation , a construction company of this building, the rooftop height is 148 meters.
  • Almost all the information in the Internet, the height of the top of this building is 240 meters. The exact height of the top is however 239.85 meters.

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24-3, Sendagaya 5
5-24-3 Sendagaya

Données techniques

892,39 ft
786,91 ft
485,56 ft
déc. 1997
sept. 2000

Entreprises participantes

NTT Facilities,Inc.

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