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Saint-Bavo Cathedral


Structure générale

construit [en rénovation]
pierre de taille
structure exposée
gris clair


église catholique romaine


  • The choir is a combination of Scheldt gothic and north French gothic.
  • It takes 444 steps to the flat roof of the tower.
  • The width of the nave at the outside is 38m, while at the inside 34m.
  • The tower of the cathedral is an example of Brabant high gothic architecture. It was finished in 1538 years before the rest of the church.
  • According to historical research, the bishop of Tournai and Noyon ordered the construction of a small church in 942 AD where the current cathedral is located.
  • In 1803 all the carillon's bells were sold.
  • The other bells are unnamed. One of them was cast in 1958 by the Horacantus-Eijsbouts brothers.
  • This church became a cathedral in 1559, when in the same year the bishopric of Ghent was founded.
  • The biggest bell is the ‘Bavo’ bell and weights about 5,500 kg. This bell has a diameter of 1.94 m and is mainly the recovered bass bell from the first carillon of 1636.
  • Save for two bells from the original carillon, a complete new carillon with 39 bells was installed in 1725, on the orders of bishop Philippus-Erard van der Noot.
  • In 1797 the carillon was disabled by the French.
  • The Carolus bell was cast in 1964 in Leuven and weights about 800 kg.
  • In 1540 a peal of 10 bells was ordered for the church.
  • The ‘Koormis’ bell (1725) belonged to the second carillon.
  • In 1640 the roof of the choir was destroyed by fire.
  • In 1636 a carillon with 25 bells was installed in the cathedral on the orders of bishop Antoon Triest.
  • Weighing in at around 4,000 kg, the 'Maria' bell is the second largest and also belonged to the original carillon.
  • On September 2, 1602 the top roof of the tower was destroyed by lightning and was never rebuilt.
  • The remains of a Romanesque church constructed in the 12th century can today still be found back in the crypt.
  • Currently there are seven bells located in the tower.
  • Important restoration works commenced in January 2006.
  • The ‘Angelus’ bell (1725) also belonged to the second carillon and weights about 485 kg.
  • In 1934 two panels from the Adoration of the Lamb of master painter Jan Van Eyck, were stolen from the cathedral. From this theft of the century, only one panel was recovered.

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4 Sint-Baafsplein
Sint-Baafsplein 4

Données techniques

291,99 ft
291,99 ft
367,45 ft
141,08 ft
mars 2013 - 2018


  • L'immeuble est connu dans cette ville
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