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Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria

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Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria
Cologne Cathedral
Koelner Dom
St. Peter
Kölner Dom


Structure générale

construit [achevé]


église catholique romaine


  • The height of the ridge of the roof is 61.10 m.
  • A substantial part of Cologne Cathedral was completed in the 19th Century motivated by the Romantic movement as well as German nationalism. The enormous twin towers became a symbol of a united Germany. After WWII, they once again became a symbol of hope for a country in the process of renewing itself.
  • The height of the nave under the vault (internal height) is 43.35 m.
  • Second tallest church towers in the world after Ulmer Münster.
  • The internal width of the nave (including both side aisles) is 45.19 m.
  • This cathedral represents the Diocese of Cologne, which was founded before the year 313.
  • The height of the ridge turret is 109 m.
  • The height of the side aisles under the vault (internal height) is 19.80 m.
  • This was the world's tallest structure from 1880 until 1884, when it was surpassed by the Washington Monument.
  • There are exactly 509 steps to the top of the towers.
  • The Dom remains taller than any skyscraper in Cologne, and was only surpassed in height by the Colonius in 1981.
  • The choir section of the structure was begun in 1248, following a fire, and was completed and consecrated in 1322.
  • The width of the transept façade is 39.95 m.
  • The width of the western façade is 61.54 m.
  • The highest part of this cathedral is the northern tower, which measures exactly 157.38 m. The southern tower is seven cm lower in height.
  • The idea in Cologne for this cathedral was to create the perfect architecture independent of any individual development.
  • From an architectural point of view this cathedral is mostly inspired by Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens.
  • Construction was terminated in 1560, and was not resumed until 1840 after medieval drawings for the structure were found in 1814 and 1816.
  • The bells hung in the south tower under Nikolaus von Bueren in 1437.
  • Construction of the west facade and north side aisle began in 1350 under Master Michael of Savoy.

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Domkloster 4
Roncalliplatz, Am Domhof, Trankgasse, Bahnhofsvorplatz, Unter Fettenhennen
Domkloster 4

Données techniques

516,34 ft
516,34 ft
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  • L'immeuble est connu dans cette ville
  • Patrimoine local
  • Monument national
  • patrimoine mondial de l'humanité
  • Le titre de cathédrale a été officiellement accordé
  • L'immeuble dispose d'une terrasse panoramique
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