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Vilnius TV Tower

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Vilnius TV Tower
Lithuanian Radio and Television Broadcasting Center


Structure générale

tour de télécommunication
construit [achevé]


émetteur de télévision


  • On January 13, 1991, the Soviets tried to regain Lithuania and the TV tower was one of the primary targets. Thousands of people blocked the way to the tower and 13 people laid in front of the the tanks defending the building and many were hurt. Despite that, the Soviets took control of the tower and this action lasted almost half a year, until Russia recognised Lithuania's independence.
  • This tower has the tallest observation deck in Lithuania and is second only to Tallinn TV Tower in the Baltic Countries.
  • Tower has a 250-seat conference hall at the podium
  • Tower (from the podium to bar "Paukščių takas") has 917 stairs.
  • TV Tower is tallest man-made structure in Lithuania and second tallest in Baltic States, after Riga TV Tower
  • In the start of a new millenium, this building was turned to a highest Christmas tree in the world. Many cables with lights were placed from ground to the tower's bar at 165 meters. Later, in the end of 2000 and start of the 2001, tower's lights were lit up again, this time with several lights mounted on the top of antennae standing on top of the restaurant. This way, the "tree" grew up to 320 meters; the full height of the tower. While celebrating the 2002, very powerful light on the top of building (the star of Betlehem) was installed. Tower will be transferred to christmas tree each year until the 2010 (1000th anniversary of creation of Lithuania) each year trying to improve it a bit.
  • Gaze from tower on clear days is 50km.
  • In 2000 July 6, Lithuanian King Mindaugas's day, the tower was turned to a biggest flagpole in Lithuania. The 1215 square meters Lithuanian tricolor waved right below the restaurant. It weighted 75-80 kg.
  • There is a revolving cafeteria at the height of 165m
  • You can bungee jump from towers bar at 165 meters. That costs 200 Litas (around 60 euros or 50 US dollars)

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