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CN Tower

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CN Tower
Canadian National Tower


Structure générale

tour de télécommunication
construit [achevé]
marron clair


observation transmission radio émetteur de télévision
commerce(s) restaurant


  • The revolving restaurant makes a complete rotation once every 72 minutes.
  • The tower consists of 40,522 cubic meters of concrete, 129 km of post-tensioned steel, and 5,080 metric tons of reinforcing steel. The tower is estimated to weigh 132,080 metric tons.
  • The elevators travel at a speed of 20 ft (6 m) per second, reaching the Skypod in just under one minute (58 seconds).
  • Construction of the CN Tower cost CAD$63 million.
  • The precise height of the tower is 1,815 feet and 5 inches.
  • For all of its 553 meters, the shaft penetrates only 6 meters into a total 15 meter foundation.
  • World's tallest self-supporting structure from April 2, 1975 when it overtook the Ostankino Tower until 2007 when it will be overtaken by Burj Khalifa.
  • The world's tallest slip-form structure began cement pouring on February 12, 1973 and finished on April 2, 1975.
  • The Concourse level houses the Maple Leaf Cinema, the Edge Arcade, and the 12,500 square foot Marketplace souvenir shop.
  • The initial proposal for the project consisted of 3 towers linked by elevated bridges.
  • The SkyPod consists of three levels: at 342 m (1,122 ft) is an outdoor observation deck and an indoor portion with a glass floor, at 346 m (1,136 ft.) is "Horizons Café" and another indoor observation deck, and at 351 m (1,150 ft) is a revolving restaurant named "360".
  • The tower is comprised of two main observation decks: the lower and larger SkyPod at 1,150 ft (351 m), and the higher but smaller Space Deck at 1,465 ft (447 m).
  • The CN Tower has UHF, VHF, Microwave, TV and fixed mobile communications facilities.
  • The Space Deck was once the world's highest public observation deck.

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301 Front Street West
301 Front Street West
M5V 2T6
Railway Lands

Données techniques

1 815,39 ft
1 815,39 ft
1 499,34 ft
1 151,57 ft
1 466,54 ft
$63 000 000

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  • L'immeuble est connu dans cette ville
  • L'immeuble dispose d'une terrasse panoramique
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un étage d'observation
  • L'immeuble dispose d'ascenseurs panoramiques
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un étage tournant
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