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Trump Tower

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Trump Tower
737 5th Avenue


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
marron foncé


appartements en copropriété bureaux
commerce(s) restaurant


  • The building was the tallest concrete-framed tower in the city at the time of its completion.
  • Intended for an exclusive, wealthy clientele, the luxurious shopping experience at the base of the structure is accessible to the general public.
  • A cascading waterfall directly across from the entrance forms the monumental centerpiece of the open interior.
  • Trump Tower is a sleek high-rise clad in dark reflective glass with setbacks beginning near of the base of the building which lessen the impact of its bulk on the street below.
  • A residential tower, this building takes its architectural cues from the surrounding commercial district in a posh area of Manhattan located at the crossroads of Midtown and Central Park.
  • The corner facing the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 56th Street is sliced off in a series of setbacks (forming a sort of hanging garden and place for festive displays), with the corner above that broken diagonally into a series of sawtooth edges running to the top.
  • The cooperation between the architect and developer was a result of Donald Trump's impression with the style Scutt had shown with the "crowned" design of One Astor Plaza, making it distinguishable from the glass-box designs of that day.
  • Though the tower was built with 58 floors, it is marketed as having 68. Floors 6-13 and 27-29 are not included in an unusual floor numbering that separates the commercial floors from the residential.
  • Trump Tower was built on the site of the Bonwit Teller Building.
  • In 2018 two fires broke out in Trump Tower: one on January 8th in a cooling unit on the roof and the other one on April 7th in an apartment on the 50th floor, killing one person.

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721-725 5th Avenue
1-5 East 56th Street
725 5th Avenue, 1 East 56th Street
New York City
New York
États-Unis d'Amérique

Données techniques

664,01 ft
664,01 ft
664,01 ft
$300 000 000

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