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Sheraton New York

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Sheraton New York
Americana West, Sheraton Center Hotel, Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers


Structure générale

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  • In its original form the hotel incorporated five restaurants and no less than ten ballrooms.
  • The 153 meter tall hotel has a plan, less typical for its age, with a bent slab shape.
  • The facade consists of horizontal striping of steel-framed windows and yellow glazed brick facing.
  • Morris Lapidus also used the bending slab style in the Americana East, now the DoubleTree Metropolitan Hotel.
  • At the time of its completion, the building was the tallest concrete-framed structure in the city.
  • On the north side is a 25-storey wing located above the entrance and the glass-walled lobby.
  • Originally built as the Americana Hotel, the design stage involved Lapidus, the architect, in a dispute which led to his resignation from working also on the New York Hilton Hotel project.
  • Its unusual frame system consists of three zones: floors 1 through 5 were supported by steel-concrete composite columns, floors 5 through 29 by concrete sheer walls and 29 to 51 by reinforced concrete columns.
  • The Seventh Avenue sidewalk has a striped paving that extends around the semicircular rotunda that extrudes from underneath the west end of the slab.

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801-819 7th Avenue
139-163 West 52nd Street, 140-166 West 53rd Street
811 7th Avenue at West 52nd Street
Times Square
New York City
New York
États-Unis d'Amérique

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501,01 ft
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