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Aon Center

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Aon Center
Standard Oil Building, Amoco Building


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
tube en charpente
toit plat avec 1 local technique


commerce(s) restaurant


  • The Standard Oil Company built this tower to replace its old headquarters on South Michigan Avenue, now known as the Michigan Avenue Lofts.
  • During the groundbreaking ceremony on April 6, 1970, a helicopter hovered 1,136 feet (346 m) over the site to demonstrate the height of the building when finished.
  • From 1990 to 1992 the building's 43,000 marble cladding panels were replaced by two-inch-thick Mt. Airy granite panels at a cost of about $80 million.
  • Marble removed from the cladding of the building was crushed and used as decorative stone surrounding the Amoco refinery in Whiting, Indiana. The project was referred to as the "Whiting Beautification Project."
  • This was the tallest building in Chicago from 1973 until 1974, when it was surpassed by the Willis Tower.
  • The "Sounding Sculpture" by Harry Bertoia is split between the east and west plazas. Its metal rods make soft music in the wind. The sculpture was originally a single ensemble in front of the building.
  • A sunken plaza leads to the main entrance off Randolph Street. Before a postmodernization in the 1990s the plaza was a secluded space with two groves of locust trees flanking a reflecting pool with the Bertoia sculpture.
  • Each side of the building has 15 vertical bands of black windows, recessed between triangular white piers.
  • Aon Center is the only regular "box-shaped" building in the world over 300 meters tall.
  • Wells Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. acquired Aon Center from The Blackstone Group for $475 million during the week ending May 10, 2003.
  • Until the Shanghai World Financial Center was topped out in 2007, this was the tallest building in the world without any major antennae, spires, or finials at the top.
  • In July 2009 a small communications antenna was installed on the roof.
  • The 601W Companies purchased the property in 2015 for $712 million.
  • Plans for a new observatory were announced in 2018 that would increase the height of the building. The mechanical penthouse would rise to 1,170 feet 6 inches while an exterior glass elevator would rise to 1,184 feet 2.5 inches.

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200 East Randolph Street
150 North Columbus Drive, 201 East Lake Street, 151 North Stetson Avenue
200 East Randolph Street
New Eastside
États-Unis d'Amérique


Certified as LEED – Silver (2014)

Données techniques

1 189,30 ft
1 136,00 ft
1 136,00 ft
1 123,00 ft
12,67 ft
194,00 ft
194,00 ft
avr. 1970

Entreprises participantes

Edward Durell Stone & Associates
Perkins & Will

Perkins & Will

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  • L'immeuble est connu dans cette ville
  • Un portier est présent à l'entrée
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un raccordement au pedway
  • Une place publique se trouve sur la parcelle
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