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120 North LaSalle

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120 North LaSalle
Savings of America Tower


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
blanc gris clair


services stationnement


  • Two shades of granite form stripes on the façade, one of Jahn's trademarks. The windows are also striped, as is the pavement of the alley to the north.
  • Situated in mid-block, the building cuts all the way through to Wells Street on the west, with a small garage at the back end.
  • The lobby is connected to the City Hall & County Building by an underground pedway.
  • The lower part of the base is clad in exaggerated layers of granite, a modern version of the rusticated stone often used at the base of old banks and civic buildings to convey stability.
  • Like the Inland Steel Building, this building's mechanical and service areas are concentrated in an adjoining tower (on the southeast corner) which frees up the remainder of the floorplates for office use.
  • This was the last skyscraper by architect Helmut Jahn to be built in Chicago for a 15-year period, until 600 North Fairbanks was completed in 2007.
  • The right side of the mosaic over the entrance features gray and white bands echoing the granite trellis. At first glance this appears to be the architect's work but it is part of Roger Brown's design.
  • An additional mosaic by Roger Brown titled "LaSalle Corridor Withholding Pattern" is located in the lobby.
  • Projecting grids with rectangular holes hang over the entrance, under the outcropping of the front bay, and along the alley for an entire block. Each one is oriented in a different direction and a different plane for a full three-dimensional effect.
  • The tower has a unique shape incorporating quarter-arcs in four places: the vaulted roof, the top of the elevator bustle, the projecting bay of the main façade, and the mosaic wall over the entrance.
  • The entrance is sheltered by a Roger Brown mosaic, "The Flight of Daedalus and Icarus".

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120 North LaSalle Street
121 North Wells Street
120 North LaSalle
États-Unis d'Amérique


Certified as LEED – Gold (2016)
Certified as LEED – Gold (2014)
Certified as LEED – Gold (2011)

Données techniques

501,01 ft
501,01 ft
501,01 ft

Entreprises participantes

Murphy/Jahn, Inc.

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  • L'immeuble dispose d'un raccordement au pedway
  • Un parking public est disponible
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