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600 Travis

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600 Travis
Texas Commerce Tower in United Energy Plaza, Texas Commerce Tower, Chase Tower
JPMorgan Chase Tower


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
structure mixte
gris clair
chauffage actif (type indéterminé)


commerce(s) services restaurant stationnement


  • When completed it was the tallest building outside New York and Chicago, and the seventh tallest building in the world.
  • Tallest five-sided building in the world.
  • There is a two-story skylobby on the 60th floor that once served as an observation deck overlooking downtown and southwest Houston. It was closed to the public in the 2010s.
  • Tallest building in the United States west of the Mississippi River from 1982-1990; surpassed by the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles.
  • The main lobby is a 5-story atrium on the diagonal side, facing the plaza. On the other sides the lobby is open to the tunnel system below.
  • This building lost over 4 dozen windows to 2005's Hurricane Rita, and in 2008 it lost 513 to Hurricane Ike. The damage caused by the latter storm was repaired over the course of 59 days at a cost of $5 Million.
  • Miro's original "Personage and Birds" sculpture model is in the 60th floor skylobby along with two other sculptures that were considered for the plaza.
  • In the original design for this tower, 80 floors were to have been built. However, the floor count would be reduced to 75 because the FAA felt that 80 floors would place aircraft at risk flying in and out of William P. Hobby Airport.
  • Between 2020 & 2021, the plaza was updated and included a design element added to the main entrance reminiscent of original architect I.M. Pei's work at The Louvre in Paris.

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600-624 Travis Street
601-621 Milam Street
800-824 Texas Avenue, 801-825 Capitol Street
600 Travis Street
Inner Loop East
États-Unis d'Amérique

Données techniques

1 002,01 ft
1 002,01 ft
1 002,01 ft
993,35 ft
197,24 ft
196,26 ft
2020 - 2021

Entreprises participantes

I.M. Pei & Partners

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  • L'immeuble est connu dans cette ville
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un atrium
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un étage d'observation
  • L'immeuble dispose d'un raccordement au pedway
  • Une place publique se trouve sur la parcelle
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