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PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel Building

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PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel Building


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
béton préfabriqué




  • Photovoltaic cell arrays on the roof will power reticulation systems and softscape lighting.
  • A total of 15,000m2 of skygardens, reflecting pools, waterfalls, planter terraces and green walls were designed.
  • The courtyards have contoured sky gardens every four storeys, which bring lush greenery directly to the rooms and continues the landscaping up the entire height of the building. Corridors, lobbies and common washrooms are designed as garden spaces with stepping stones, planting and water features.
  • The top of the podium is a landscaped terrace housing the development’s recreational facilities, with pools opening up unobstructed views of the city. Birdcage cabanas perched over the waters add interest and delight.
  • Greenery from the park is visually extended up into the building in the form of planted valleys, gullies and waterfalls.
  • A contoured podium responds to the street scale, drawing inspiration from landscape formations. These contours are precast concrete elements of modular radii, allowing the complex, sculptural podium to be put together from a basic ‘kit of parts’.
  • Located in central Singapore, the site is at a junction between the CBD and the colorful districts of Chinatown and Clark Quay, and faces Hong Lim Park.
  • The high-rise blocks housing the hotel rooms and offices are arranged into an open-sided courtyard configuration, breaking up the mass and maximizing views and daylighting into the building.

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Upper Pickering Street
Central Region

Données techniques

291,99 ft
janv. 2013

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  • L'eau de pluie est recyclée
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