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Peppers Waymouth Hotel

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Peppers Waymouth Hotel
Adelaide House
Rendezvous Allegra Hotel


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  • This building was originally an office block known as Adelaide House.
  • It was left vacant by the mid-1990s, and refurbishment into the current hotel began in 2001.
  • The building was reclad using a ventilated curtain wall system that features European made highly densified wood fibre panels; the first time such materials were used on a high-rise building in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • In 2003 the Australian Institute of Building awarded the Rendezvous Allegra Hotel their prize for best Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Project $10 - $25 million.
  • To minimize disruption to busy Waymouth Street, the external demolition of Adelaide House was done during the night, and during the day the interior of the building was demolished.
  • The building is named after the developer's granddaughter; Allegra Mattioli.
  • The building was stripped to the structural skeleton, and the concrete facade was replaced with a new curtainwall, primarily of glass.
  • The Rendezvous Allegra has 202 suites, including opulent presidential suites on the top floor.
  • During the demolition of the building's previous façade, over 3 000 tonnes of precast concrete was removed.
  • In 2002 the Rendezvous Allegra Hotel was awarded the Master Builders Association prize for Excellence in a Commercial Refurbishment/ Redevelopment.
  • The hotel's fitness club includes an 18m lap pool which has portholes on the floor, allowing swimmers to see guests in the main entrance below.
  • The interior finishes are of a high standard, including American cherry timber veneer corridors and doors, marble bathrooms, glass topped furniture and carpets specially woven for the Rendezvous Allegra Hotel.
  • The Royal Australian Institute of Architects describes the former Adelaide house as having a modular rhythm and unity due to the projecting window panels, which create ordered articulation to the façades.
  • To avoid traffic disruption and the erection of expensive full height scaffolding, the construction company, Built Environs used mobile cranes to lift construction materials from trucks onto loading platforms within the building.
  • The Royal Australian Institute of Architects describes the former Adelaide house as having a well-executed example of the use of precast concrete panels as façade cladding.

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55-61 Waymouth Street
55 Waymouth Street

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