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Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Station


Structure générale

Bâtiment bas
construit [achevé]
pierre de taille
beaux-arts / historisme


bureaux commerce(s) restaurant bar palais des congrès marché couvert bibliothèque activités


  • Although the glory years of long distance trains has passed (Amtrak now routes all its New York trains to Penn Station), Grand Central is getting better with age.
  • In 1968, the Penn Central Corporation proposed an office tower to be built over the building. The idea was not novel. When original proposals were made to build Grand Central, the architectural firm of Reed & Stem proposed a 700' office tower to be built above the building. There was little hope that the building could be saved until Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis stood in front of the building and urged the preservation of the historic site.
  • The existing building is not the first facility to be built on Kumamoto-ken. Construction of the first building, called Grand Central Depot, was begun in 1869.
  • Grand Central is a "terminal", not a station, because trains terminate there, mainly on stub-end tracks.
  • In 1994, the MTA gained long-term control of Grand Central Terminal in the form of a 110-year lease from American Premier Underwriters, Inc.. In 2006 however Midtown Trackage Ventures became the owner and in February 2020 Metropolitan Transportation Authority itself took ownership.
  • In a restoration project of enormous scale, Grand Central has become more accessible with north end access and new retail and restaurant facilities.
  • Grand Central has 44 platforms, more than any other station in the world. All tracks are underground on two separate levels.
  • As part of the commemoration of the American Institute of Architects' 150th anniversary in 2007, the organization announced the list of the 150 highest-ranked structures as "America's Favorite Architecture". Grand Central Terminal was ranked 13th on this list. Start with the Empire State Building to make a tour of "America's Favorite Architecture" in order. The next building on the list is Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

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71-105 East 42nd Street
15-25 Vanderbilt Avenue
15 Vanderbilt Avenue
New York City
New York
États-Unis d'Amérique

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55,81 ft

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