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Park Otel Block A


Park Otel Block A


Structure générale

en construction [interrompu]


bureaux hôtel
activités stationnement


  • The complex included one 24-floor high-rise block (Block A) and two low-rise blocks (Blocks B and C) used as hotel, office and retail space.
  • Following the death of its owner in 1978, his relatives couldn't share the property and decided that it should be demolished and redeveloped.
  • After three years of controversy, the Supreme Court decided to stop the construction works in 1993 and demolish the floors that rose above the roof level of the historic German Consulate building which is right next to Park Otel.
  • When mayor Nurettin Sözen came to power, he strongly objected to the construction of a large highrise hotel so close to the historic skyline of Galata (the medieval Genoese quarter) and appealed to the Supreme Court to suspend the construction.
  • Unlike the much-hated (and suspended) new Park Otel, the historic and charming Park Otel which originally stood on its place was one of Istanbul's finest and most beautiful hotels.
  • Park Otel is the most controversial highrise project ever in Istanbul.
  • Construction works started in 1989, during the time of mayor Bedrettin Dalan.

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Gümüssuyu, Taksim
Park Otel
Région de Marmara

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308,59 ft
$150 000 000
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