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Kościół Św. Ducha


Kościół Św. Ducha
Kościół oo. paulinów

Structure générale

construit [achevé]


  • The annual national pilgrimade to Jasna Góra in August begins at this church.
  • The Nazi occupation destoyed the church a second time. The building was rebuilt after World War II, but the sculptures and paintings were lost forever.
  • The site was formerly occupied by a wooden church and hospital, both built in the 14th century and handed over to townspeople by a Mazovian Prince in 1388. Both were totally destroyed during the war with Sweden in 1655-1660.
  • Due to a lack of funds for reconstructing this church, King Jan Kazimierz offered the site to the Pauline priesthood from Częstochowa in sign of respect to their heroic defence of Jasna Góra.
  • The restoration was completed in 1717 in the baroque style with rich altar mouldings and paintings by Italian masters. The 19th century left the church with an added porch and two side steps.

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