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Newton Suites

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Newton Suites


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
blanc gris


appartements en copropriété


  • The meshes of the sunshades are angled to keep views to the ground open while blocking sunlight from the windows.
  • Because of the angled meshes, the sunshades can appear solid or transparent, depending on the perspective.
  • Extensive landscaping covers the building in order to absorb sunlight, create oxygen, and enhance the building's appearance.
  • At every 4 levels on the southeast facade there is a sheltered skygarden with overhanging trees.
  • In addition to the skygardens, trees cover the carpark and the penthouse terraces.
  • Creeper vines cover the blank walls on the facade, supported by special screens.
  • A double volume mesh pergola crowns the terrace of the two penthouses.
  • The mesh sunscreens create a dynamic shadow for the building, with alternatingly sharp and blurred edges.
  • Common features of the building include a water garden, several pools, and a children's playground.
  • Extensive use of sunshades, patterned panels, and protruding balconies adapt the tower to the tropical climate and minimize energy demand.

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111 Newton Road
111 Newton Road
Central Region

Données techniques

393,71 ft
393,71 ft
360,90 ft
oct. 2004
juil. 2007

Entreprises participantes

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