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Randolph County Courthouse

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Randolph County Courthouse


Structure générale

Bâtiment bas
construit [achevé]
beaux-arts / historisme


palais de justice


  • Facing rising renovation costs, the Randolph County Commissioners voted to demolish the building in June 2005 and construct a new, contemporary courthouse.
  • The community rallied to prevent the demolition, marked most notably by the production of a calendar with seemingly nude older women from Randolph County, aged 76-94, posing with strategically-placed replicas of the courthouse building.
  • The commissioners' decision was reversed in March 2006, and the county will seek to tap special funds from the Indiana General Assembly to restore the building.
  • This building originally featured an elaborate clock tower (150 feet tall) rising above a 3rd floor under a mansard roof (66 feet). This was removed in the early 1950s, leaving the 2-story building that stands to this day.

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100-124 South Main Street
100-124 West Franklin Street, 101-125 West Washington Street, 101-125 South Meridian Street
100 South Main Street
États-Unis d'Amérique

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24,39 ft

Entreprises participantes

J.C. Johnson

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