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AT&T Communications Tower


AT&T Communications Tower
Communications Hill Tower


Structure générale

tour de télécommunication
construit [achevé]


transmission de signaux micro-ondes


  • The tower has been a prominent fixture in the South San Jose suburbs since the 1970s; with a peak structural height of 539 feet above sea level, the tower can be seen for miles around.
  • The tower sits on the top of a hill in South San Jose at 425 feet above sea level.
  • After over 30 years of occupying the hill alone, the tower has now been joined by a housing development, consisting of hundreds of condominiums, townhouses, and detached homes; the development, called "Communications Hill," has been established along the hillside below the tower.
  • For the benefit of local residents, the tower was designed to be more pleasing to look at than a standard metal structure would be.
  • This tower is owned by AT&T and used as a major microwave relay for telephone communications in the area.

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2500 Canoas Garden Avenue
Accessed from the end of Canoas Garden Avenue
San Jose
États-Unis d'Amérique

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116,99 ft
114,01 ft
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