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Australian American Memorial

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Australian American Memorial


Structure générale

construit [achevé]
art déco




  • The memorial was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II during her first official visit to Australia.
  • The search for a suitable site extended from 1948 to 1951 with eight different locations considered before the site now occupied was selected - at the apex of the Kings Avenue axis of the Canberra city plan.
  • The monies to pay for the monument were raised via public donation, however so much money was raised that similar monuments were erected in Brisbane and Adelaide with the excess funds.
  • The Memorial is dedicated to express thanks on behalf of the people of Australia to the help given by the United States in the defence of Australia during World War II.
  • The area upon which the monument stands was barren bushland at the time of its construction, and it was erected before the Department of Defence complex was constructed at the site.
  • An Australia-wide competition was held to find the winning design in 1949, from which 32 entries were received.
  • During the monument's construction, then US Vice-President Richard Nixon visited to inspect building works.
  • The winning design provided for an octagonal aluminium column surmounted by an aluminium eagle with wings upswept in a victory sign.

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Sir Thomas Blaney Square
Australian Capital Territory

Données techniques

255,91 ft
déc. 1952
janv. 1954
$100 000

Entreprises participantes

Richard M. Ure

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  • Patrimoine local
  • Des projecteurs illuminent l'immeuble pendant la nuit
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