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About Gizeh

3 258 540 dans la ville
12 512 350 dans laire urbaine
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17 m
Modern Giza is a suburb of the sprawling Egyptian capital Cairo, stretching south west from the Nile in an endless sea of ugly residential blocks and high-level motorways. It is a far cry from ancient Giza, the landmarks of which still dominate the skyline. The Pyramids at Giza are the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World. Built by successive pharoahs from approximately 2500BC onwards, Giza is home to the most impressive and iconic of the hundred or so pyramids scattered in the 'pyramid fields' around Cairo. They were not the first, but they are the tallest, the largest and the most captivating. The funerary complex comprises ten pyramids in total, but it is the mountainous tombs of Khufu and his son Khafre that inspire the most awe. Guarding the many pyramids, mastabas and necropolis is the Sphinx, which provides one of Egypt's most enduring images as it watches over the dead kings and queens. Although the ravages of time and subsequent human activity have served to tarnish these great monuments, mankind's fascination with these ancient buildings will hopefully see them endure another four thousand years.

Région métropolitaine

Gizeh, Le Caire, Ville du 6 octobre