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About Douala

1 200 000 dans la ville
1 825 500 dans laire urbaine
0 km² (0 mi²)
18 m
Douala, or Duala, situated on the Wouri River, 24km (15 miles) from the sea, is the largest city of Cameroon. Douala is not the capital of Cameroon, but the most significant city by its population, and by its economic role. The city was probably named after the Duala, a black African ethnic group that originally settled in the area. The chief commercial centre, Douala has an airport and extensive docks, and is a terminus for two railway lines extending into the interior. Industries include the manufacture of aluminium products, beer, soft drinks, textiles, and the processing of timber and cacao beans. Douala's port handles some 95 percent of the country's maritime traffic, and is second only to Kinshasa as Central Africa's largest city. Douala is divided into quarters or quartiers: Akwa, is the center of the city, the Stand Municipal Artisanal, and Banajo the administrative district. Written by Dauala.com 8/01

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