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About Ålborg

162 521 dans la ville
554 km² (214 mi²)
0 m
Welcome to Aalborg, the 4th largest city in Danemark. The history of the city dates back at least 1000 years, and it was already among the largest cities in the country in the Middle Ages. During the 18th and 19th century the industrial revolution reached Aalborg and the city was in 1869 connected to the rest of the country when the railroad reached it. Today Aalborg is divided into 2 parts with Aalborg City on the southern side of Limfjorden and Nørresundby on the northern side. The harbour is the most important industry, and the tall silos and chimneys are the first thing you will spot when you visit Aalborg. It is also home to a large number of telecommunication and IT-companies.

Nombre de bâtiments

No. Current status
45 Tous les bâtiments
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Bâtiments les plus hauts

# Bâtiment Hauteur Année
1 Aalborg Sygehus Afsnit Nord 187 ft 1959
2 Høje Brygge 174 ft 2005
3 Hotel Hvide Hus 174 ft 1968
4 Larsen Waterfront II 164 ft 2014
5 Højhuset Grønlands Torv 159 ft 1963