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About Duisburg

488 005 dans la ville
7 800 000 dans laire urbaine
232 km² (90 mi²)
31 m
Once known as "Coalville" Duisburg on the Rhine is today a city of full of diversity and has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. In terms of culture and arts the city offers four interesting museums. Classical music lovers may prefer to listen to the German Opera on the Rhine at the municipal theatre or the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra in the Mercator concert hall at the brand-new City Palais. Here gamblers can also try their luck in Germany's largest and newest casino. The extensive Six Lakes area in Duisburg's southern suburbs provide space for relaxing. Extensive construction activity has recently been especially at the Innenhafen.

Zones urbaines

Innenhafen (40)


Duisburg-Mitte (1),