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About Panevezys

133 347 dans la ville
50 km² (19 mi²)
52 m
Panevezys is the fifth largest city of Lithuania situated in the northeastern part of Lithuania on both sides of the Nevezis River. Panevezys is famous for its industrial enterprises, which operate profitably in Lithuanian and EU markets. Ekranas is the largest company in Panevezys and one of the leaders in TV tube manufacturing in Europe. Located in a geographically favourable environment, the city opens up advantageous conditions for logistics activities. Panevezys is an industrial city whose economy is driven by production of radio and TV devices, food and beverage products, textile and clothing industry and production of furniture. In 2001, Panevezys became the only city in Lithuania to host a Norwegian industrial park, located in a territory of 14,000 sq.m. Rapid development of the service sector is also currently taking place in the city.

Nombre de bâtiments

No. Current status
27 Tous les bâtiments

Types de bâtiment

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26 immeuble
1 Bâtiment bas