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About Stavanger

119 586 dans la ville
226 194 dans laire urbaine
70 km² (27 mi²)
0 m
Stavanger is the largest city on the southwest coast of Norway, and the country's fourth largest city. Stavanger is the hub for most of the petroleum companies operating in the Norwegian part of the North Sea, and the metro population is growing rapidly. The economy is extremely strong, and the standard of living is high. The city is located by the southernmost of Norway's large fjords, and although Bergen receives more tourism there is spectacular natural scenery all around Stavanger. The Gandsfjord forms the city's western boundary, and can be enjoyed from parks and bicycle trails. Downtown Stavanger is centered around Breiavatnet, a small lake with a jet fountain. Nearby is an old shopping area on a peninsula. One of the main attractions is the Oil Museum, with exhibits on geology and the energy industry.

Région métropolitaine

Klepp, Randaberg, Sandnes, Sola, Stavanger, Time

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Bâtiments les plus hauts

# Bâtiment Hauteur Année
1 Rica Forum Hotel 262 ft 2001
2 B/L Rosenli 1 164 ft 1971
3 Gulaksveien 2 164 ft 1972
4 B/L Rosenli 2 164 ft 1971
5 Rektor Berntsens gate 11 131 ft -