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About Salvador

2 676 606 dans la ville
3 799 589 dans laire urbaine
706 km² (273 mi²)
8 m
Salvador is the capital of Bahia State, it was the capital of Brazil on the colony years and today is one of the main cities in the northeast of Brazil. The city is a cultural centre in Brazil with its world wide famous writers and musicians. Rich in culture and architecture the city was declared in 1985 Human Cultural Patrimony, but in contrast with the historical buildings in "Pelourinho" (historical neighborhood) there are the modern high-rise buildings in the downtown area.

Nombre de bâtiments

No. Current status
2 141 Tous les bâtiments
2 119
en construction
jamais construit

Bâtiments les plus hauts

# Bâtiment Hauteur Année
1 Mansão Margarida Costa Pinto 507 ft 2008
2 Mansão Morada dos Cardeais 463 ft 2005
3 Mundo Plaza Empresarial 445 ft 2010
4 Mundo Plaza Residencial 431 ft 2010
5 Terrazzo Imperiale 410 ft 2007

Types de bâtiment

No. Type
2 012 immeuble
100 Bâtiment bas
19 gratte-ciel
3 stade
3 église
2 phare
1 monument
1 tour d'observation