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About Recife

1 555 039 dans la ville
3 731 719 dans laire urbaine
218 km² (84 mi²)
4 m
Recife is one of the largest cities in the Brazilian Northeast, and in recent years it has gone through an economic boom with a corresponding boom in civil construction. This boom was followed by relaxed height restrictions in some neighborhoods, and because of this the city has the highest buildings under construction in Brazil. Recife is known mainly for its beautiful beaches and the colonial architecture. Recife's old downtown is one of best preserved in Brazil, with a huge historical heritage. The large number of bridges in Rio Capibaribe and the historical constructions have left Recife with the nickname of the Brazilian Venice. Emporis currently includes a complete listing of the city's highrise buildings in the following neighborhoods: Boa Vista, Casa Forte, Coelhos, Derby, Monteiro, Ilha do Leite, Paissandu, Pina, Poço da Panela, Recife, Santana, Santo Amaro, and Soledade. Every building in these areas with 12+ floors can be found here.

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