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About Coventry

299 316 dans la ville
2 555 596 dans laire urbaine
97 km² (37 mi²)
104 m
The city of Coventry lies in the West Midlands and is part of a larger conurbation centred around Birmingham. 600 years ago, Coventry ranked fourth among England's cities in terms of size and importance. There are still reminders of this golden age to be found in the city, including one of the country's finest medieval guildhalls, almshouses and monastic foundations, timber framed shops and pubs and several great churches and cathedrals. Even today, Coventry's skyline is dominated by three great spires; St. Michael's Tower, Holy Trinity Church and Christchurch. Following one of the most prolonged and devastating bombing raids of World War Two in 1940, Coventry was left in ruins and suffered from unsympathetic reconstruction in the proceeding years. It was during this period that the city gained the majority of its high-rise buildings. Despite this, it is still graceful medieval church spires and not tower blocks that define Coventry's skyline.

Nombre de bâtiments

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46 Tous les bâtiments
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Bâtiments les plus hauts

# Bâtiment Hauteur Année
1 CODE Coventry Student Accommodation 250 ft 2019
2 Mercia House 223 ft 1968
3 Trinity View 210 ft 2019
4 City Village 207 ft 2017
5 Hillman House 207 ft 1964

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37 immeuble
5 Bâtiment bas
3 église
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