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About Southend-on-Sea

158 517 dans la ville
11 850 000 dans laire urbaine
41 km² (16 mi²)
4 m
Southend-on-Sea is the largest town in the County of Essex. Located at the mouth of the Thames Estuary, the town is the closest resort to London, being only 40 miles east of the capital. Southend is a busy tourist destination and shopping centre, with a pier famous for being the longest in Britain and miles of seafront. With the seaside location comes leisure facilities and attractions, excellent shopping facilities and numerous restaurants, wine bars and pubs. There are two direct railway lines to London and the M25 motorway is less than half an hour away.

Nombre de bâtiments

No. Current status
24 Tous les bâtiments

Bâtiments les plus hauts

# Bâtiment Hauteur Année
1 Alexander House 203 ft 1973
2 Civic Centre 192 ft -
3 Chartwell House 175 ft -
4 Essex House 170 ft -
5 Southend General Hospital 170 ft -

Types de bâtiment

No. Type
19 immeuble
5 Bâtiment bas