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About Palanga

19 572 dans la ville
79 km² (31 mi²)
5 m
Palanga is Lithunia's largest and most popular summer resort town located on the coast of the Baltic Sea approximately 25km North of Klaipeda. Palanga was known as a sea resort since early 19th century and kept its image since. In the recent years the town absorbed an enormous rise of investments into new hotels and other resort infrastructure as well as private housing. However despite Palanga's rising economic potential and new investments it hardly can boast any high-rise buildings or high-rise projects since the town government and the public prefer it to remain a "high-rise-free" zone. The only known high-rise building in Palanga is a 12 storey Palangos Linas.

Région métropolitaine

Gargzdai, Klaipeda, Kretinga, Palanga

Nombre de bâtiments

No. Current status
5 Tous les bâtiments

Bâtiments les plus hauts

# Bâtiment Hauteur Année
1 Palangos Linas - 1985
2 Elija - 2010
3 Alveta City - 2007

Types de bâtiment

No. Type
2 Bâtiment bas
1 immeuble
1 église
1 phare