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About Naftalan

7 926 dans la ville
2 km² (1 mi²)
One of the meanings of the world "naftalan" is "by the oil" as the sort of the medecinal oil was exported by means of camel caravans. The German engineer Eker was the first to organize the extraction and use of the naftalan oil in industrial manner. He bored the oil wells and constructed a little plant of naftalan ointment, that was exported abroad. Afterwards he created two join-stock companies - "Magdenburg-Naftalan" and "Drezden-Naftalan". Baku chemists, including Yusif Mamedaliyev, put much efforts, energy and whole soul into the study of the naftalan oil. Nowdays Naftalan is a wonderful resort and its unique oil cures the wige range of illness - from cardiovascular to uriological.

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