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About Ieper

35 400 dans la ville
130 km² (50 mi²)
The Flemish city of Ieper (Ypres) is located in the Belgian province West-Vlaanderen on the banks of the river Yser. Ypres is about 110 km west of Brussels and 200 km north of Paris. During the Middle Ages Ypres was the third city in the County of Flanders. Ypres was a very important place of textile production and its products were sold worldwide. In this period the city played an important role on the following occasions: · Treaty of Melun (1226) · The Battle of the Golden Spurs (1302) · The Battle of Pevelenberg (1304) · The Battle of Kassel (1328) On March 25, 1678 Ypres was conquered by the French King Louis XIV. The French marshal Vauban started with the construction of defense structures for the city. These constructions were demolished in 1782 on order of Emperor Josef II. Again the city was conquered by the French in 1794. During World War I Ypres was the centre of severe battles between German and British Common Wealth troops. The city was completely razed by the intense artillery raids. Ypres was also one of the first cities were chemical warfare was used on a major scale. After the Great War, some people had the idea for keeping the city in ruins as an example of the madness of war. However the city was completely reconstructed in 40 years, mostly by German payments. Today Ypres is a nice provincial city with beautiful buildings like: Sint-Maartenskathedraal and Lakenhalle en Belfort. However the city will always be linked to the horrors of the Great War. There are about 170 military cemeteries surrounding the city and still today, every day at 8:00 PM, ‘the Last Post’ is played by British buglers at Menenpoort.

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1 Lakenhalle en Belfort 230 ft 1304

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