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La Plata

About La Plata

574 369 dans la ville
926 km² (358 mi²)
La Plata is the capital of Buenos Aires province, the main state of Argentina. It is placed on the "pampa húmeda" (wet pampas), 56 kilometres southeast of the city of Buenos Aires at 34 55'south latitude and 57 17' west longitude. It covers an area of 926 km2 and it is at 9,87 m above the see level. Is weather is mild, with an annual average temperature of 16.3C and an average rainfall of 1023 mm per year. It has a lot of old buildings in french and italian academic style and one of the largest neogothic church in America. The "Teatro Argentino" is a very important Opera House in 'brutalismo' style. New towers and green areas are other caracteristics of this beautiful city.

Région métropolitaine

Berisso, Ensenada, La Plata

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