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Interpane Glas Industrie AG

siège principal

Sohnreystrasse 21
37697 Lauenförde
+49 5273 809 238

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siège principal
vitres (fournisseur)
fenêtres (fournisseur), locataire, façade (installation), façade (fournisseur)


Interpane is one of the major European glass manufacturers and offers a wide range of functional glass. The company was founded in Lauenförde, near the Weser river in Lower Saxony, Germany, in 1971 by Georg F. Hesselbach and today has production facilities at eleven locations in Germany, Austria and France.

The company's product range includes float glass and low-iron float glass, high-quality coated insulation glass, soundproofing glass, solar control glass, safety glass, glass for design and decoration as well as glass for solar applications.

AGC and Interpane have been working together since mid-2012, resulting in a bigger network, more locations as well as an exclusive and diverse product range. The two glass specialists complement one another, providing an optimized combination of know-how and technology. This has created an outstanding glass portfolio, giving customers across Europe faster access to products and services.

Working together as AGC Interpane, the company now offers its customers a wide array of products with even greater variety – for example a complete range of triple-silver-coated glass products. In addition to the standard temperable, coated float glass, a further strength of the alliance is individual cut-to-size solutions for high-end structures with sophisticated functional glass elements.

AGC and Interpane also supply a large number of special solutions upon request. These include specific surface treatments, such as partial coatings and screen printing, as well as customized coatings for unique façade projects. In particular, the alliance produces oversized glass sheets – called "Giga Lites" – for exclusive projects. Float glass coatings up to 18 metres in length are possible. Double or triple-glazed panes up to nine metres in length, and screen prints on glass panes of up to seven metres can be supplied. Special transport and start-to-end handling complete the range of products and services. AGC and Interpane are European leaders in glass design and aim to be trendsetters in interior design and architecture.

Thermal insulation: With iplus thermal insulation glass, generous glazed surfaces can be planned that are economical, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing – without wasting energy. The highly selective coatings result in excellent insulation values down to 0.5 W/(m2K), high transparency and a high passive solar energy gain. AGC Interpane also offers a special coating, iplus AntiFog, which delays the build-up of condensation on the exterior of the glass. The panes consist of clear float glass with a transparent pyrolytic coating. This low emissivity coating is applied to the exterior surface of the glass (position 1), where it increases the temperature, delaying the build-up of condensation.

Solar control: solar control glass allows architects and planners to design their projects in keeping with future-orientated energy concepts without sacrificing transparency and aesthetics. Façade glazing with a solar control coating has a low total energy transmittance, meaning a lower energy bill when using air conditioning – but it still lets enough light into the room. Through the alliance with AGC Glass Europe the company has expanded its solar control glass range to include Stopray (magnetron coated glazing providing solar control and improved insulation), Sunergy (glazing with a pyrolytic coating combining better solar control and insulation with low light reflection), and Stopsol (glazing with a pyrolytic coating for increased solar control). Architects are sure to find the right solar control glass for every situation in the broad range of products offered by AGC Interpane.

Safety: Splinter-binding and resistant to breakage, ipasafe laminated safety glass can be used wherever there is an increased safety requirement. It consists of two or more panes of float glass bound together with sheets of PVB film.

Soundproofing: ipaphon soundproofing insulation glass has a wide spectrum of sound reduction characteristics and also reduces the heat losses through transmission. It achieves a sound reduction value (RW) of up to 52 decibels.

Decorative glazing: Large glazed surfaces offer architects and artists almost unlimited possibilities to experiment with shapes, colours, patterns and structures. Glass is very resistant to ageing and can last for generations. Its use is not limited to large, prestigious building projects; it also offers many possibilities to the private homeowner. The classical processes such as screen printing and sandblasting are complemented by new methods, such as ceramic digital printing and high quality laminates. Most of these processes can be combined, and are available as float glass, fully tempered glass, thermally toughened glass, laminated safety glass and insulation glass. Following the alliance with AGC, Interpane now also distributes the high-end Lacobel products (painted glass), Matelac (satin-finish painted glass), Matelux (acid-etched glass) and Oltreluce (decorative glass).

Involved Projects (299 Projects)

# Bâtiment Lieu Hauteur Nombre d'étages Type de bâtiment Année État Rôle
1 Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Hambourg, Allemagne 361 ft 25 gratte-ciel 2016
vitres (fournisseur)
2 One on One Luxembourg, Luxembourg Campagne, Luxembourg ≈69 ft 6 Bâtiment bas 2015
façade (fournisseur)
3 Tour Majunga Puteaux, Île-de-France, France 636 ft 42 gratte-ciel 2014
vitres (fournisseur)
4 Devon Energy Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, États-Unis d'Amérique 845 ft 52 gratte-ciel 2012
vitres (fournisseur)
5 One One One Eagle Street Brisbane, Queensland, Australie 640 ft 50 gratte-ciel 2012
vitres (fournisseur)
6 Ericus-Contor [Ericusspitze] Hamburg, Hambourg, Allemagne ≈120 ft 10 Bâtiment bas 2012
vitres (fournisseur)
7 ADAC Zentrale Munich, Bavière, Allemagne 285 ft 23 immeuble 2011
vitres (fournisseur)
8 Spiegel-Gebäude an der Ericusspitze [Ericusspitze] Hamburg, Hambourg, Allemagne 200 ft 15 immeuble 2011
vitres (fournisseur)
9 The Curve Amsterdam, Hollande-Septentrionale, Pays-Bas 85 ft 6 Bâtiment bas 2011
vitres (fournisseur)
10 Premier Tower [The Marq on Paterson Hill] Singapore, Singapour 338 ft 24 gratte-ciel 2010
vitres (fournisseur)
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