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Tzamarot Herzliya


Tzamarot Herzliya
צמרות הרצליה
complex résidential



  • Herzeliya's largest residential project, consisting of 8 highrise luxury residential towers.
  • The towers share a number of private swimming pools, large spa, gym and many other luxurious facitilies.
  • The complex was built in two phases. Phase A includes Towers 1-4, located on the western side of the project and is recognised by very luxurious residential buildings, of different shapes. Phase B includes Towers 5-8, which all have nearly identical shapes and are built are built at a slightly lower standard than the first four towers.
  • The entire project area is more than 80,000 square meters.
  • The original plan called for only 6 towers. Due to the unexpected success, another two buildings were added to the project.
  • Resembles a much smaller complex in Ashdod, Resido Sea.



Entreprises participantes

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# Bâtiment Hauteur Nombre d'étages Type de bâtiment Année État
1 exterior-all-the-way-up Tzamarot Herzliya 7 259 ft 21 immeuble 2002
2 exterior-tower-8-under-constuction Tzamarot Herzliya 8 259 ft 21 immeuble 2003
3 exterior-side-view Tzamarot Herzliya 3 259 ft 20 immeuble 1998
4 exterior-side-elevation-of-the-tower Tzamarot Herzliya 4 259 ft 20 immeuble 1998
5 exterior-tower-top-on-a-cloudy-day Tzamarot Herzliya 5 259 ft 20 immeuble 2000
6 exterior-as-seen-from-the-entrance-area Tzamarot Herzliya 6 259 ft 20 immeuble 2000
7 exterior-standing-on-top-of-a-narrow-trunk Tzamarot Herzliya 1 259 ft 19 immeuble 1998
8 exterior-side-view Tzamarot Herzliya 2 259 ft 18 immeuble 1998
en construction
jamais construit
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