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the Woodward's redevelopment site
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  • Approved in principle by City of Vancouver Council on September 13, 2005.
  • Integrated into the complex will be the 150,000 square foot School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University.
  • The $280 million project was unanimously approved by the city's Urban Design Panel December 7, 2005.
  • Total of 736 residential units: 536 market, 75 non-market family, 125 non-market singles.
  • February 27, 2006: Development Permit Board and Advisory Panel review meeting.
  • April 22, 2006: In just under 12 hours the entire complex of condominiums was completely sold-out, in what was more than $200 million worth of property.
  • On June 23, 2006, between 11 a.m. and 12 noon, the landmark "W" sign was taken down, closing the block of Abbott between Hastings and Cordova. The "W" will be refurbished and reinstalled in a different location within the new project during 2009.
  • All 536 units in the project sold in one day.
  • Although much of the multi-phase building was prepared for destruction in September 2006, save West Hastings Building slated for heritage status, actual demolition took place at 8:00 a.m., on Saturday, September 30, 2006.
  • Total buildable area is 1,160,862 square feet providing about 976,000 square feet of net space.



Entreprises participantes


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# Bâtiment Hauteur Nombre d'étages Type de bâtiment Année État
1 fullheightview W-43 401 ft 41 gratte-ciel 2009
2 W-32 315 ft 31 immeuble 2009
3 lookingup-view-looking-north-from-hastings-street West Hastings Building 145 ft 9 immeuble 1908
4 facadedetail-southeast-facade-close-up-of-original-building Heritage Building 128 ft 6 immeuble 1903
en construction
jamais construit
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