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Varyap Meridian


Varyap Meridian



  • The five towers house a total of approx. 1,500 apartments.
  • This is Turkey's first LEED-registered residential project.
  • The buildings are oriented so as to minimize solar gain, thus requiring less energy to heat in winter while cooling down more quickly in summer.
  • A cogeneration plant provides electricity for the development.
  • Wind turbines and solar panels contribute to energy requirements.
  • Rain and greywater are collected and recycled to water green areas.
  • The gradual terraced structure of the residential buildings is intended to reduce per-apartment water consumption by 30%.
  • The project aims to achieve 30-50% water savings, a 35% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and 24-50% energy savings.
  • The facade is terracotta-coloured near the bottom, evoking the soil, and gradually rises to blue tones near the top, evoking the sky.



Entreprises participantes

Dome + Partners

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# Bâtiment Hauteur Nombre d'étages Type de bâtiment Année État
1 Varyap Meridian Block A 618 ft 52 gratte-ciel 2012
2 Varyap Meridian Block C 591 ft 45 gratte-ciel 2012
3 Varyap Meridian Block E 538 ft 41 gratte-ciel 2012
4 Varyap Meridian Block B 328 ft 24 gratte-ciel 2012
5 Varyap Meridian Block D 328 ft 24 gratte-ciel 2012
en construction
jamais construit
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