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Emporis Buildings

Informations sur la province

2 641 669
11 581 km²
(4 471 mi²)
Doha (pop. 1 450 000)

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Les plus grandes villes en Qatar


Qatar witnessed a rapid modernizing movement after it's independence from Britain in 1971, depending on it's huge Petroleum resources., but that wasn't accompanied with a skyscraper boom as in neighbouring countries due the conservative nature of Qatar.That changed in 1995 after Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani became the Emir of Qatar, and the beginning of the Natural Gas Fields exploitation (Qatar has the largest Natural Gas field in the world, Al Shamal field), so billions of dollars of investment poured into this small state sparking a rapid need for skyscrapers, many of whih have been built in recent years and many more are planned and under construction.