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Îles Féroé

Informations sur la province

47 120
1 399 km²
(540 mi²)
Tórshavn (pop. 19 339)

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Les plus grandes villes en Îles Féroé


The Faeroe Islands is situated roughly half way between Scotland and Islande in the Northeast Atlantic. It consists of 18 mountainous islands, with a total land area of some 1400 sq. kilometres and a population of just over 47,000. As a self-governing territory under the sovereignty of Danemark, the Faroe Islands legislate and govern a wide range of areas in accordance with the Home Rule Act of 1948. These include the conservation and management of living marine resources within the 200-mile fisheries zone, sub-surface resources, trade, fiscal, industrial and environmental policies, transport, communications, culture, education and research.