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Emporis in the Press 2012

déc. 06, 2012

Herald Sun

Eight Spruce Street in New York has been named the world's greatest tower to be completed last year in the Emporis Skyscraper Award - known as "the Oscars of architecture".

déc. 05, 2012

Mail Online

The top ten skyscrapers of the year were named yesterday with a stunning New York residential block taking top spot. Eight Spruce Street, in Manhattan, picked up the Emporis Skyscraper Award where judges chose the best buildings which were completed in 2011.

déc. 05, 2012

The Telegraph

It may be a tall order to win skyscraper of the year award, but a 41-story tower inspired by a tiara worn by Princess Diana has come very close. [...] The tower was named as one of the top ten skyscrapers of the year by judges as part of the Emporis Skyscraper Award.

déc. 04, 2012


Der Anbieter für Gebäudeinformation Emporis prämiert jedes Jahr zehn besonders hübsche Hochhäuser, die im Vorjahr fertiggestellt wurden. [...] Ganz oben im Hochhaus-Ranking: „8 Spruce Street“, der erste Wolkenkratzer des Architekten Frank Gehry.

nov. 14, 2012

New York Times India

The National Capital Region currently has more than 1,000 high-rise buildings, mostly concentrated in Gurgaon and Noida, according to Emporis, a global provider of building information.

oct. 22, 2012

The Globe and Mail

Canada's most populous city now has more than twice as many tall towers under construction as New York City, which takes the No. 2 spot, according to a study that will be released this week by German data-provider Emporis.

oct. 05, 2012


Aus Mangel an Platz wachsen die Bauten in den Himmel. Nach Angaben der Gebäude-Informationsplattform Emporis besitzt der Inselstaat mehr Hochhäuser als New York.

sept. 18, 2012

International Construction

Iconic high-rise buildings continue to appear in cities around the world and figures from construction data company Emporis show the world's top ten tallest buildings currently under construction have an average height of 586 m - that is 77 m more than the average for the ten highest skyscrapers completed in the last decade.

sept. 17, 2012


Doch nicht nur bei der Höhe der Wolkenkratzer verweist die russische Hauptstadt die Konkurrenz auf die Plätze: Wie die Architektur-Experten der Gebäudedatenbank Emporis herausgefunden haben, gibt's in Moskau auch die meisten Wolkenkratzer überhaupt.

juil. 18, 2012

Architects Journal

According to the research by Emporis, a series of new super-tall towers will eclipse the existing buildings in the elite sky-high club.

juil. 12, 2012

The National

Building data firm Emporis has compiled a list of the top 10 "future skyscrapers" - ones currently under construction that will be among the world's tallest when they are completed.

mai 10, 2012

La Vie Immo

Un avis que rejoignent d’autres éminences grises, comme l’Allemand Emporis, qui compile et fournit des données sur les immeubles.

mai 01, 2012

The National

Five years ago the capital did not appear in the list, but today it is 43rd after the completion of a large number of high-rise projects. Dubai and Sharjah are also in the chart, which was produced by the German building data company Emporis.

avr. 30, 2012

USA Today

Groups like the Council on Tall Buildings, amd Emporis, a building data provider in Germany, both count spires when measuring the total height of a building, even if that spire happens to look exactly like an antenna.

avr. 30, 2012

Berliner Zeitung

Doch die Nadel auf dem One WTC könnte ähnlich wie Turmspitzen bei anderen hohen Gebäuden doch noch mitgezählt werden, eine Praxis, die auch der Rat für Hohe Gebäude und das deutsche Unternehmen Emporis anwenden, das Gebäudedaten weltweit in einer Datenbank speichert.

avr. 26, 2012


Die Architektur-Experten der Gebäudedatenbank Emporis haben nun die zehn Spas mit den schönsten Aussichten aus mehr als 400 Spas in Großstädten gekürt.

avr. 18, 2012

Canadian Interiors

The worldwide editors of Emporis have chosen 10 buildings in Japan for their spectacular architecture. The structures impress not only in their appearance, but also for their design philosophy, ingenuity and interesting use of materials.

févr. 07, 2012

Chicago Tribune

Emporis, the global building database, is out with a new list that ranks the world's ten largest shopping malls by gross leaseable area.